Slab Leak Detection and Repair Buford GA

Some homes are built on a foundation slab, instead of having a crawl spaces or basement. It can be an advantage to not have a basement to clean out, but when there is a water leak in plumbing pipes that run inside the concrete slab, it is a larger plumbing issue to repair.

Plumbing inside a slab can leak for quite some time before there are noticeable signs of leaking water. Some signs are:Slab Leak Repair Duluth GA

Puddles on the floor with no apparent source
Hot spots on the slab
Mildew under carpets
Water bill increases
Hearing running water when faucets are off
Damp ground

Slab leaks will erode the home’s foundation and cause serious problems structurally. There are also the problems of water damage to ones floors and anything on the floor.

If you notice any of the above signs, let us know to come conduct a slab leak detection to see pinpoint the source of any apparent leak.

Our Slab Leak Repair Process

We utilize cutting edge technology to detect slab leaks. Our staff is highly trained in finding exactly from where a leak is coming. This technology saves us a lot of time in the slab repair process, and likewise money too. Gone are the days of having to dig up large sections of ones floor to find a plumbing leak in the slab.

Next, it’s time for the repair. We have different repair processes we can perform depending on the location and size of the pipe leak. We will assess the situation and decide on the best solution to the problem.


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